CellaVision Light TowerLigtht-tower_2
High visibility safety and emergency light

The CellaVision® Light Tower provides visual and audible signals of the status of a CellaVision DM Analyzer, easily identifiable even at a distance. Designed to be used for process control, it advises laboratory professionals when an operation is running, is finished, or signals an equipment malfunction. 


HemaPrephemaprep _webb

Automated blood smearing instrument

A high quality smear is a condition for a reliable blood cell analysis. With HemaPrep® the laboratory can standardize the smear quality irrespective of the staff experience. By adjusting the speed of the spreader, the operator is able to control smear length and thickness. 

Watch how easy it is to use HemaPrep


Barcode Label Printer KitBarcode-label-printer-kit

Print your own barcode labels

Providing ease of use and durability, the Barcode Label Printer Kit is a complete solution for barcode label printing. It consists of a label printer and a hand-held interconnected barcode reader. It reads and copies your barcodes and generates barcode labels for your microscope slides using 2D barcode fonts.

Contact Information

Erik Nilsson
Product specialist
+46 46 286 44 00

Ron Hagner
VP Business Development

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