Notice of annual general meeting in CellaVision AB (publ), April 23 2008
The shareholders in CellaVision AB (publ) are hereby summoned to the annual general meeting, to be held on Wednesday April 23 2008 at 17.00 at CellaVision AB, Scheelevägen 19 A, Delta 5, Lund, Sweden.
The notice is available in Swedish only, please see the link below.
For more information, please contact:
Yvonne Mårtensson, CEO, CellaVision AB
Phone: +46 46-286 44 00. E-mail:
Johan Wennerholm, CFO, CellaVision AB
Phone: +46 46-286 44 00. E-mail:
About CellaVision
CellaVision AB develops, markets, and sells the market leading image analysis based systems for routine analysis of blood and other body fluids. The company has a core competence in development of software for automatic image analysis of cells and cell changes for applications in health and medical care. The company develops and markets systems for automatic differentials of white blood cells and red morphology, and software for education and quality assurance of differentials. The company's associates have expertise in advanced imaging analysis, artificial intelligence, and automated microscopy.
The company headquarters are in Lund, Sweden and has subsidiaries in Jupiter, FL, USA, and Toronto, ON, Canada. For more information, visit
CellaVision's share is listed on First North at the OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange. The company's Certified Advisor is Remium AB.

Notice of annual general meeting in CellaVision AB (in Swedish)