CellaVision AB - trading on First North will commence on May 28
CellaVision, which develops and sells image based products for routine analysis of blood, has today been admitted to trading on First North by the OMX Nordic Exchange. Trading in CellaVision shares will commence on Monday the 28th of May.
Since launching its first products in 2001, CellaVision has seen strong growth and the annual turnover in 2006 was SEK 55 million. Today the customer base consists of more than 250 laboratories, mainly in Europe and the USA.
"CellaVision regards joining First North a natural step in the company's continued development. We want to offer stock owners access to a marketplace well in line with CellaVision's needs and conditions. We hope and believe that joining will boost investor, public, and customer interest for the company," says Yvonne Mårtensson, CEO of CellaVision.
A round lot of shares in CellaVision, whose short name is CEVI, amounts to 500. Certified Adviser for CellaVision is Remium AB.
About First North
First North is operated by Stockholm Stock Exchange and is an alternative marketplace where smaller companies are traded using the Stockholm Trade Exchange trading system SAXESS. Trading is done electronically in a simple and cost-effective manner in the same continuous way as for companies on the regulated market. Information regarding share prices, volumes, and order depth is published in real time through the same channels as for shares admitted to trading on the regulated market.
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About CellaVision
CellaVision AB develops, markets, and sells the market leading image analysis based systems for routine analysis of blood. The company has a core competence in development of software and hardware for automatic image analysis of cells and cell changes for applications in health and medical care. The company develops and markets systems for automatic differentials of white blood cells and red morphology, and software for education and quality assurance of differentials. The company's associates have expertise in advanced imaging analysis, artificial intelligence, and automated microscopy.
The company headquarters are in Lund, Sweden. The company also has subsidiaries Jupiter, Fl, USA, and Toronto, ON, Canada. For more information, please visit
For more information, please contact:
Yvonne Mårtensson, CEO, CellaVision AB
Mobile: +46 708-33 77 82. E-mail:

Lars Gatenbeck, Chair of the Board, CellaVision AB
Tel: +46 8-454 680 64. Mobile: 070-535 44 44. E-mail: