CellaVision's new application for analysis of body fluids pre-launched in the USA
The application will be available for purchase in early 2008.

CellaVision, which develops and sells image analysis based products for routine analysis of blood, pre-launches a new application for analysis of body fluids at the international trade convention AACC in California, USA, between July 15-19. The application is optimized for analysis of cerebrospinal fluid and targets clinical chemistry laboratories.
The application for body fluids widens and strengthens CellaVision's product range for clinical chemistry laboratories. At present, the application is being evaluated by a number of European laboratories in order to establish the value of its functionality, capacity, and user friendliness. The first users are expected to be already existing users of the company's application for blood and the analysis instrument CellaVision DM96. Although quantitatively more blood is analysed, cerebrospinal fluid analysis is of prime importance to many laboratories.
- This is an important strategic move for us. This application widens our range of products available to both existing and future clients, which will have a positive effect on sales, says Yvonne Mårtensson, CEO of CellaVision.
The advantages of the new application are the same as those for blood - faster and more standardized results, digital archiving of samples together with patient records, as well as sharing of digital images with experts outside the laboratory.

CellaVision will pre-launch the new application alongside demonstrating the remaining range of products at the international trade convention AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo in California, USA, July 15-19. The convention is expecting around 20 000 visitors. At the show, CellaVision will also be represented by the company's distributor, Sysmex America. For more information about the convention, visit

About CellaVision

CellaVision AB develops, markets, and sells the market leading image analysis based systems for routine analysis of blood. The company has a core competence in development of software and hardware for automatic image analysis of cells and cell changes for applications in health and medical care. The company develops and markets systems for automatic differentials of white blood cells and red morphology, and software for education and quality assurance of differentials. The company's associates have expertise in advanced imaging analysis, artificial intelligence, and automated microscopy.
The company headquarters are in Lund, Sweden. The company also has subsidiaries Jupiter, Fl, USA, and Toronto, ON, Canada. For more information, visit
CellaVision's share is listed on First North at the OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange. The company's Certified Advisor is Remium AB.
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