CellaVision DM9600

Key Features

  • Runs blood smears and body fluids
  • Digital Slides functionality
  • Automated workflow
  • Continuos feed with a loading capacity of 96 slides

The CellaVision® DM9600 automatically performs a preliminary differential count on peripheral blood or body fluid smears. The analyzer pre-classifies the white blood cells, pre-characterizes parts of the red morphology and provides functionality for platelet estimation. The preliminary result requires verification by a Medical Technologist. For research or educational purposes, the user may create digital slides of any interesting specimen.

The CellaVision DM9600 can easily be a part of any hematology workflow.

Proficiency, Efficiency & Collaboration
The CellaVision DM9600 offers a high degree of automation with a continuous feed of slides, allowing for an escalating workload without increasing labor. The technology delivers improved ergonomics when compared to using a microscope and a more effective, on-going education and proficiency assessment of all Medical Technologists.

Networking Capabilities
The CellaVision DM9600 can share database with other CellaVision DM analyzers, installed at the same or a remote location, and supports LIS.

By using the CellaVision Remote Review Software, Pathologists or Clinicians get real-time access to analyzed slides from their office, clinic or home. In addition to today’s cell images, they can also access a patient’s historical images for comparison.

Contact Information

Erik Nilsson
Product specialist
+46 46 286 44 00

Ron Hagner
VP Business Development

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