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How a general hospital lab improved its blood film review procedures
Middlemore Hospital, South Auckland, New Zealand
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Upgrading the Differential … CellaVision DM96
Johns Hopkins, Pathology, Baltimore, MD, USA  
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When quality matters most
Athens Regional Medical Center, Athens, GA, USA
With the CellaVision DM96, Debbie Guzman, Laboratory Director, can track performance, and provide accountability that allow her lab to raise the bar in hematology. Read more (pdf)

Increasing automation
and creating employee satisfaction
Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX, USA 
CellaVision DM96, enabled Lilian Wolfe, Hematology Manager, to break the cycle and solve her ergonomic issues and increased costs for staff recruitment. Read more (pdf)

Standardizing the lab's differential results
Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark
By using digital morphology Dr Annebirthe Bo Hansen felt that she could provide a teaching method and an analysis system that would beat the microscope when it came to both efficiency and quality. Read more (pdf)

Enhancing blood film review 
Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, UK
Richard Rogers, Chief Biomedical Scientist, Hematology, found that by reducing the time required to screen each blood film, CellaVision DM96 makes more efficient use of experienced morphologists' time. Read more (pdf)


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